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Unit 9 - Stoichiometry
Molar Mass
Molar Ratios
Mole to Mole Stoichiometry
Gram to Gram Stoichiometry
Limiting Reactant
Finding Mass of Excess Reactant Left Over #1
Finding Mass of Excess Reactant Left Over #2
Calculating Percent Yield
Percent Yield #2
Mass-Mass Stoichiometry #2
Mole-Mass Stoichiometry
Mass-Mole Stoichiometry
Mass-Mass Stoichiometry – Advanced
Mass-Mass Stoichiometry – Precipitation Rxns
Unit 10 - Thermochemistry
The Nature of Energy
Temperature vs. Heat
Temperature Conversions
Energy Unit Conversion
Exothermic vs. Endothermic
Gravitational Potential Energy
Kinetic Energy
Internal Energy
Specific Heat Capacity
Application of Specific Heat
Complex Energy I
Complex Energy II
Heating/Cooling Curves
Heat of Reactions
Enthalpy Calculations
Calculating ΔE in a Reaction
Unit 11 - Gas Laws
Boyle’s Law
Charles’ Law
Gay-Lussac’s Law
Avogadro’s Law
Molar Volume @ STP
Combined Gas Law
Mixed Gas Law Problems
Ideal Gas Law
Dalton’s Law of Partial Pressure
Gas Collected Over Water
Gas Stoichiometry
Combined Gas Law – Advanced
Avogadro’s Law – Advanced
Charles’s Law – Advanced #1
Charles’s Law – Advanced #2
Boyle’s Law – Advanced #1
Boyle’s Law – Advanced #2
Unit 12 - Solutions
Solubility Curves
Mass Percent
Parts Per Million
Colligative Properties
Heat of Solution
Solution Stoichiometry